2021: Event 12

Cyril Jones, Philip Gross
and Valerie Coffin Price

Saturday 17th April | 12:30-1:30pm | Free

Based on the new book: Troeon : Turnings is a creative conversation, in Welsh and English, between two renowned poets Philip Gross and Cyril Jones, interwoven with cover and text designs by fine artist Valerie Coffin Price. Various rivers run through this work: amongst them, in Gross’s case, the Taff and the Severn in south Wales, and in Jones’s the Arth and the Glasffrwd in west Wales. We present the authors and artist in discussion, with live reading, images and short films based on the work. 

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ISBN: 9781781726068

Cyril Jones smiling at the camera, trees behind him.

Cyril Jones

Cyril Jones is a Welsh-language poet who writes strict and free metre poems. Since moving to work in south Wales in 2001 he has collaborated with artists, an archaeologist, and other poets. During recent collaborations with artists and an archaeologist – and the present project with Philip Gross and Valerie Price – he has also adapted and composed poems in English. The early influence of Welsh language strict metre poetry has also inspired him to experiment with poetic metres and forms. Hud Afon Arth and Ysbryd Ystrad Fflur – his recent artist/archaeologist collaborations on the river Arth and Strata Florida – are available from Gwasg Gwynfil, Tregaron. He has also written Dysgu Trwy Lenyddiaeth (WJEC), a book on Welsh language literature suitable for learners of the Welsh language.

Mae Cyril Jonesyn ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg yn bennaf trwy gyfrwng y mesurau caeth a rhydd. Ers symud i dde Cymru yn 2001 cydweithiodd ag arlunwyr, archaeolegydd a beirdd eraill. Yn ystod y cyfnod hwnnw o gydweithio a’r cyfnod presennol gyda Philip Gross a Valerie Price bu hefyd yn addasu a chyfansoddi cerddi Saesneg. Mae’r ddwy gyfrol ar y cyd ag arlunydd ac archaeolegydd – Hud Afon Arth ac Ysbryd Ystrad Fflur – wedi’u cyhoeddi gan Wasg Gwynfil, Tregaron. Ef hefyd yw awdur Dysgu Trwy Lenyddiaeth (CBAC), llyfr i gyflwyno llenyddiaeth Gymraeg i ddysgwyr yr iaith.

Cyril Jones – Dysgu Trwy Lenyddiaeth
ISBN: 9781860856655

Philip Gross

Philip Gross  lives in south Wales and has published some twenty collections of poetry, including The Water Table  which  won  the T.S. Eliot Prize and, most recently, Between the Islands (both Bloodaxe). He received  a Cholmondeley Award in 2017, and his science-based collection for young people,  Dark Sky Park  (Otter-Barry Books) was shortlisted for the CLiPPA award, 2019. He is a keen collaborator – e.g. with artist Valerie Coffin Price on A Fold In The River  (Seren) and with poet Lesley Saunders on A Part of the Main  (Mulfran). At the Cardiff Poetry Festival he will help present Troeon : Turnings a collaborative book/project: a creative conversation with the Welsh poet Cyril Jones and fine artist Valerie Coffin Price. (Seren)

Mae Philip Gross yn fardd, libretydd ac yn ysgrifennu ar gyfer pobl ifanc. Bu’n byw yn ne Cymru ers 2004 ac mae’n gydweithredwr brwd â beirdd eraill ac ar draws gwahanol ffurfiau celfyddydol.

Philip Gross – The Water Table
ISBN: 9781852248529

Philip Gross – Dark Sky Park
Otter-Barry Books
ISBN: 9781910959886

Philip Gross – A Part Of The Main
ISBN: 9781907327315 

Valerie Coffin Price

Valerie Coffin Price is a Welsh artist-letterer, whose work responds creatively to the language of poetry and place.  She trained at Chelsea School of Art and the City & Guilds Art School in London.  Her work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Berlin Water (2020), The River Next Door (2015),  Intimate Cartographies (2011), Distant Voices (2007) and  Territories (2003). Her work responding to wild and remote landscapes has taken her as far afield as Russia (1990), Québec (1998, 2002, 2003) and Cambodia (2005), but always comes back to a close and intimate relationship to river and border landscapes in Wales and along the English border. She collaborated with poet Philip Gross to produce  A Fold in the River, and with Gross and the English poet Lesley Saunders, has created the book design for A Part of  the Main,  Mulfran Press (2018). 

Philip Gross and Valerie Coffin Price – A Fold in the River
ISBN: 9781781722336