The Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival Returns for 2020!

The Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival (formerly Seren Cornerstone) was founded in February 2018, a partnership between independent book publishers Seren, and Cornerstone in Cardiff.

This year, however, building on the success of the first two festivals, we are moving to a brand new venue for 2020, the Temple of Peace in the historic Cathays Park.

We’re moving! Join us at the Temple of Peace, 14-16th February 2020.

Featuring events in the splendid Art Deco Marble Hall, further readings and lectures in the elegant panelled Council Chamber, and several smaller spaces for workshops, this year’s festival promises to be the best yet. Plus there’s an onsite bookshop and café!

If you have any queries you can get in touch with the festival team through our Contact page.

We are dedicating our 2019 festival to Christian Brown, OBE, KSG… 

Christian Brown

We are dedicating our 2019 festival to the inspirational whirlwind that was Christian Brown, OBE, KSG, Co-Director of our First Festival and the force behind the restoration of the beautiful Cornerstone building in Charles Street.

Christian sadly died in 2018, but he left a legacy of passionate involvement in the arts, particularly poetry and music. We salute his memory.

“Christian Brown was an irrepressible font of enthusiasm for the arts and as co-founder of the Seren/Cornerstone Poetry festival he has contributed to the culture of Wales in no small measure. We celebrate his vision, courage and considerable humour. He will be missed.” – Amy Wack, Seren Poetry Editor

Christian is pictured with Cornerstone Poet in Residence Katherine Stansfield, who performed in the Seren/Cornerstone Poetry Festival, which took place for the first time in February 2018.

The festival would not have taken place without Christian’s dynamic leadership and his passion for poetry; we will be forever grateful for his partnership and support.

‘He was full of enthusiasm for the role of poetry in Cornerstone’s new life, believing it could offer a special record of the year’s events, diverse as they were. As poet-in-residence it was my job to capture life at Cornerstone – a bustling place with a rich history of different forms of worship – in five poems, written over the course of twelve months.’
Katherine Stansfield (read more)

If you have any queries you can get in touch with the festival team through our Contact page